Judging Registration

Miss Firm Australia 2021 will be one of the largest competitions of its kind held in Australia, with the winner’s receiving $11,500 and contestant’s receiving over $10,000 in gifts.

First Prize is $10,000

Second Prize $1,000

Third Prize is $500

The event consists of 2 Heats and 1 final over a 3 week period.

The performance will be judged on the following criteria

  1. Performance and presentation: (1-5)
  2. Costumes, originality and props: (1-10)
  3. Hair, makeup and facial beauty: (1-10)
  4. Figure and body tone: (1-10)

If you feel that can provide a unique perspective as a judge with a strong attention to detail then we welcome you to fill out the form on this page and apply as an official judge for Miss Firm Australia 2021.